An online course for rediscovering the joy of being fully present for Life

What is the Awakened Life?

The Awakened Life is a life full of presence. It is about using your thoughts to connect with life as it is rather than trying to hide from it or control it.

Take a moment… Lift your eyes from what you are reading, allow a long, slow out breath and let your life in.

This is it!

This is the only moment that matters in your whole life. Everything you long for and everything you truly are can be found right here, in the present moment, in the Awakened Life.

  • if you truly trusted yourself and your life – all of it?
  • if your challenges, rather than being endless problems to be solved, became doorways into the healing you long for?
  • if you discovered that the peace you long for is always with you right here, right now?
  • if you woke up each morning with a zest for where the adventure is going to take you today?

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to use your thoughts rather than being lost in them.
  • Rather than being a victim to your life, discover how to trust your life, even when it is challenging.
  • Emerge from endless struggle and rediscover the joy of living from your aware heart.
  • Learn how to meet every single part of you with the healing of your heart.
  • Discover that your life isn’t happening to you; it is happening for you.
  • Rediscover how to trust.
  • Learn the joy of responding to life rather than usually reacting.
  • Rediscover the field of ease and peace that is always with you – no matter what is happening in your life.

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This course is designed to teach you how to access and live from a state of presence so that life becomes simpler, easier, clearer and a lot more fun!

By living this way, you will experience a sense of openness and deep trust in yourself and in life. Even when anxiety and stress show up, you will be able to stay in contact with the spaciousness and inclusion of your aware heart.

Why do we want to do all of this?

  • So that you can rediscover the joy of truly being alive and present for your life.
  • So that it becomes easier and easier to show up for whatever life is offering you.
  • So that you live from your aware heart rather than your struggling mind.
  • So that you can experience spaciousness, presence, kindness and a sense of calm and ease.

What’s in Your Way IS the Way
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What's Included

  • 8 sections of lessons with audio and video files
  • Multiple invitation options each section, so you can bring the course into your daily life
  • PDF handouts of all lessons and invitations
  • Teachings on how to support yourself on your journey after the course
  • Lifetime access to the materials​

What Past Course Participants Have to Say

  • “This course changes lives, not just minds. Mary O’Malley does not teach the pathway to the perfect imagined self, but welcomes us home to our true selves. Mary invites us, irresistibly, into the flow of life as it is, not as we have struggled to control it. Subtle yet powerful, simple yet life-altering, this course pulls from the inside out until we wake up and realize that we hadn’t been dreaming all this time, we were remembering this is what we wanted most of all.”

    - Kate Kimball

  • “Taking Mary's class started me off on my spiritual journey in the right way. Her gentle, patient guidance and support brought me to a place where I could explore a different way of thinking and being. The course was nicely paced with plenty of time to practice the lessons each week. The ability to hear from other students during this time was amazing as it brought an even broader perspective on what was being taught. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in finding out more about themselves. Mary is a true gem with a wonderful heart.”

    - Julie Moyer

  • “When I found Mary’s work, I knew I was on the path back to my true self. Mary gave me permission to embrace each and every part of my being that I had to leave as a young child to survive this earthly journey. Through Mary’s online course I am now able to meet and be with my whole self. How does it get any better than that?”

    - Abbi Kleinschmidt

  • Having completed the two on-line courses of Awakening this year it is time to express my gratitude for your teaching which has been life saving from overwhelming despair, fear and binging and this gives me hope that there´s even more life to be discovered that I'm as yet blind to.

    After participating in your retreat in Denmark Sep. 2017 I worked with your book, and with the on-line courses this year the teaching eventually reached deep enough into my consciousness to actually be present when emotions threatened to wash me away.

    From what you've shared from your life in the on-line courses I understand that this teaching rises from immense pain and suffering. While listening to it I had to pause your account of it finding myself sobbing. So it is with deep respect that I receive your teaching and I hope that I by and by might pass some of this life on to people around me.

    - Emil Hove

What’s in Your Way IS the Way
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What you will learn:

Section 1: What You Really Long For
What you really long for is an alive, intimate, trust filled connection with life, right here, right now. Learn the six phases that unfold on the journey from disconnection to connection. Phase 1: Life Happens To You, Phase 2: Life Happens By You, Third Phase: Life Happens In You, Fourth Phase: Life Happens For You, Fifth Phase: Life Happens Through You, & Sixth Phase: Life Is You.

Section 2: Your Life As Your Teacher
Learn to unhook from your addiction to control and discover how not to resist, but rather to open and investigate what is unfolding in this moment. You will discover how to trust life again even when it is unlikable and scary.

Section 3: The Healing Power of Curiosity
Discover how to use your mind in a new way. Rather than always fixing, analyzing, understanding, changing or trying to control what you are experiencing, you will learn to connect with the phenomenal healing power of a new kind of curiosity, one where your attention and your immediate experience come together.

Section 4: Awakening Your Beautiful Heart
All lasting healing happens in your heart for the heart has room for everything. Learn to reawaken and open your heart so that it can become your trustworthy guide on your journey back to yourself and back to Life.

Section 5: Getting to Know Fear
Fear is a part of many people’s life, sometimes all day long and even in the middle of the night – little fears and big fears. Come discover a new and healing relationship with your fears so you can discover how to relate to them, rather than from them, where fear will no longer control your life.

Section 6: Healing the Pain of Judgment
We all experience judgment for ourselves and for others. Learn to unhook from the Judger inside of you so you don’t have to be at the mercy of its distorted perspective. By using curiosity and a tender heart from week 4 and 5 you will begin to form a compassionate relationship with your Judger rather than believing what it’s saying.

Section 7: Discomfort as Your Teacher/Challenges as Your Friend
Discover how to work with all the challenges of life that range from small challenges like a summer cold to a big ones like a difficult diagnosis. The more you learn how to respond rather than react, you will be able to discover the gifts that come with each and every challenge.

Section 8: The Gifts of Awakening
We will explore the gifts that come to you as you discover how to use your mind as the exquisite tool it is without being lost in it. Relaxing into the flow of your life and living from your aware heart, you reconnect with who you truly are and become a part of the healing of our planet.

What’s in Your Way IS the Way
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  • When does the course start?
    As soon as you pay and enroll for the course.
  • How long is the course?
    The course has 8 sections. You can do a section each week or at whatever pace works for you. When you enroll you get lifetime access to the course and materials.
  • How do I access the materials?
    The course and materials can be accessed in our learning platform. Details how to access this will be provided to you through email after you enroll.
  • How long will it take me to complete each section?
    The time commitment will vary weekly. We suggest prioritizing around two to three hours each week to consume the materials and to spend around 15 to 30 minutes each day practicing/working with the invitations.
  • What is the refund policy?
    We back our course with a 100% money-back guarantee within the first two weeks. After that the refund will be prorated.

    Please email us in detail what did not work for you and why. We use this information to learn and make improvements to the course. Our team will be in touch with you directly about a refund.
  • I’m not good with computers, is accessing the content complicated?
    The learning platform is very user-friendly and simple to use. We don't anticipate students having any issues. If you do encounter issues or have questions, our team is here to help! Please contact devrah@maryomalley.com
  • Will I be able to track my progress through the course?
    The course platform is very user-friendly. After you’ve watched a video or opened a handout, you will get a green check mark next to that item. There is also an “Achievements & Progress” counter at the top of the page that tracks your progress as well.
  • For questions about the course:
    For questions about the course, please email devrah@maryomalley.com.